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With the importance of personal hygiene, we have launched the Hygiene Key. This handy multi-tool comes with a door hook, a stylus, and a bottle opener. Open doors without touching the door knob, and use the stylus instead of your fingers! This ingenious invention will help keep you safe and healthy, whilst also serving as a bottle opener. Furthermore, it comes with a keyring loop, to enable you to attach it to your keys! You can also customise the Hygiene Key with your brand or your message, plus the Hygiene Key comes with a backing card, enabling you to get your message out there in full colour print. There are four colours to choose from; Black, Gold, Silver, and Copper.

from £0.30

Tyvek Plugster - Plugsters are a product made from Tyvek material which is both lightweight and very strong Printed full colour with your details

from £0.50

50mm Clip-on reflector can be made to any bespoke shape, they are supplied with a plastic clip attachment as standard.Made from a range of 20 different Coloured materials. Screen Printed on 1 side.This item does not conform to EN13356.

from £0.64

Plastic neon snap arm band. For promotional use only.

from £0.95

Plastic safety light with clip two functions can blink or have permanent light. Batteries included.

from £1.09

Aluminium door opener with bottle opener. Use the door opener to open doors and press buttons in public without having to touch them.

from £1.20

Heart shaped flashing safety light with a clip attachment. Batteries included.

from £1.28

Sunscreen stick SPF 30 protection, easy to apply, not greasy and water resistant.

from £1.49

Metal door opener with rubber tip for capacitive screens, key ring, and a Euro trolley coin.

from £2.10

Sunscreen lotion (60ml) SPF 30 protection in a tube with carabineer and matching lid.

from £2.21

Hitz reflective safety slap wrap. Slap and wrap, safety can be that simple! Make yourself more visible by slapping this band around your arm or bag. Compliant with EN13356. PVC Plastic.

from £2.28

Transparent plastic safety/fireworks glasses with six ventilation openings on each side.



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